One of the questions I see on the message boards pretty constantly is: which is better? Instafreebie or BookFunnel? Now I am only an InstaFreebie user; I haven’t signed up for a BookFunnel account, though I can tell from their pricing that they would be cheaper. There’s a single reason for that.


I’ll be honest with you. I hate BookFunnel links!

I read on my kindle, usually side loading the books (downloading and then transferring with a USB cable). With Instafreebie, it is literally one click of the mouse. I sign up. I get the email. I download. I transfer the book. Done and done.

BookFunnel turns the process into no less than 5-7 mouse clicks. Sign up. Get to the next page. Click on the link. Choose what kind of device I have. Click the link that says download. Oh look, I have to click yet another link that says download. And it’s then, and only then do I get to download the book. If I click on the email they also send, it’s the same convoluted process. As a reader, this annoys me to no end. And in fact, I have skipped free books and skipped out on reading authors, some of whom I’m sure I could be become raving fans of because I had to go through so many steps.

Skip the hoops, please!

Anything that separates your reader from your book is a bad thing! Especially if that is the delivery mechanism.

Each system has its own set of features, and there are some with BookFunnel that look promising. But as I also use my own website to distribute free books through my webstore, and in doing so I can ask people to sign up for my list, as well as collect key information that will assist my marketing efforts, I am not sure that BookFunnel is a good solution for the tech savvy author.

My vote as a reader and as an author who currently uses InstaFreebie is to use InstaFreebie. If I don’t like the hoops I have to jump through to get a BookFunnel book, then I know my readers won’t either.

If you want to set up a free account on InstaFreebie, click here to take advantage of a 30 day trial.

Want to see how InstaFreebie works?

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