What would I be if I wasn’t an author? I’ve always said that if I’d had a better guidance counselor at school and perhaps someone to steer me, instead of going to college for equine science, I would have gone for meteorology. I’ve always had a fascination with weather, from the days of middle school science class when we learned the types of clouds, and I used to tell my grandma which clouds were which in the sky. Storm formation, paths, and prediction are all things which had always interested me, especially since I live in the Midwest and have lived in a mobile home most of my adult life (and quite a bit of my childhood.)

I’m hoping to be able to catch a storm spotter class this year in my area, and look forward to putting my information to work. Where I live, because it is so close to a state line, often doesn’t see warnings until the storm is right on top of us (apparently Springfield NWS isn’t proactive and doesn’t talk to Little Rock NWS), and so I often have to do my own forecasting to determine what may or may not happen.

So weather is a passion of mine and something that I most likely would be doing if I weren’t writing. After all, my pen name is a season, so it makes complete sense.

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