It can be difficult to get into a new series, especially one that’s been running for a long time. before I dove into Supernatural–I actually started in Season 10–we purchased the season 1 DVDs and then thankfully TNT was running a marathon and my husband, the VCR God, was able to tape the episodes and we could watch them in order to catch up. But it was a daunting task, and one, I know, that’s kept many readers out of a series. Heck, I experienced this personally when I realized that not only had Mercedes Lackey published new Valdemar books but there were like a dozen. I have some reading to do!

The good news is that the Tobine Chronicles is easy to get into. Yes, it’s a serial, and that does mean reading it in order; however, I have collected the first 3 episodes (There are 5 out currently.) into an omnibus edition and it’s ready to read and get you started.

This was written for a seriealized short story site, so each episode is pretty short. You won’t be missing anything or have to take weeks to catch up. In fact, I bet you could catch up in one evening.

If you’ve been afraid to dive into the Tobine Chronicles, I encourage you not to be. Get started with Volume 1 today.

Purchase the book direct from me or get the Amazon link.

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