Travis stepped off the boat and crossed the dock, exhausted to the bone. After taking his alpha out on the water all day to relax, all he wanted was to go home, fry up a hamburger, shower, strip, and fall into bed. He had an early morning tour booked and would need to be back at the marina before dawn. He stopped at the locked door to the shop, and it took a moment for him to register the woman standing there. Damn, he must be tired. No, not woman—wolf.

He breathed deeply and the musk and orange scent of her punched him in the gut. He drew the scent into his lungs, his cock hardening in response. Stacia. His eyes met hers, and even behind wide sunglasses, he remembered their deep blue hue. Her lips were painted in a kissable coral, and the lines around the corners of her mouth, and no doubt the corners of her eyes too, only made her seem sexier. It’d been twenty-five years, maybe even thirty, since they’d seen each other, and he’d been barely out of high school then. His beast still recognized her. He recognized her.

“Hello, Travis,” she said and that throaty, husky voice only tightened his cock even more.

“Stacia. This is…a surprise.” He fumbled with his keys and unlocked the door. “It’s been a long time.”

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Some things, and some people, only get better with age. A good wine. A well-aged whiskey. And werewolves. This duology features two stories of silver wolves claiming their mates and proving that true love never goes out of style.

Fifty, Furred & Fabulous! by Kimberly Forrest

With her fiftieth birthday looming, widowed wolf shifter, Ginny Weller plans on having the time of her life on this long-awaited vacation. Sun, sand, and surf awaited her, as did her chance to experience all the adventures she had never made time for… and what better adventure than a steamy affair with a handsome stranger?

Always Her Wolf by Mary Winter
Twenty years ago Travis Locke had been a young werewolf who accepted that his alpha had forbidden him to be with his mate, Stacia Summerwood. But the old alpha is dead and when Stacia comes to see if old flames can indeed be rekindled, Travis is eager to rediscover his mate in every way possible. But the time spent apart meant lives created, and when Travis’ past collides with their future, will he trust his mate to know that she’s always been his?

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