Book Cover: Hurricane Hero

She needed a hero after the storm. When he arrives in the form of her first love, a sexy former Navy Seal, she has a second chance at love and someone to help her weather the storms to come.

After nearly three weeks without power, Kelsey Jackson hopes for a hero. The hurricane should have only been a category one and hadn’t been predicted to sit in one place for nearly a week. Yet it’d intensified and parked, leaving them without power far longer than she’d planned. Now, with food and water running low, and the generator out of fuel leaving her mother on backup oxygen tanks, she needs help—and fast. When Commander Ryder Hanson shows up with the medical evacuation team, he’s the hero she needs. He slipped out of her life once; she’s determined not to let him get away again.

Ryder, a former Navy Seal, couldn’t believe when he’d heard Kelsey’s voice coming across the dispatch line. He knew he had to be the one to take care of her and her mother. With her mother safely at a hospital, he returns to bring her supplies for her and her cats. He’ll only be in the area for a few weeks, but he’s determined to rekindle their old flame to see where it leads. If he isn’t mistaken, her passion runs as hot as his.

Storm recovery is never smooth and when her mother’s health takes a turn for a worse, Kelsey is forced to come face to face with her worst fears. With Ryder’s volunteer time ending, will her hurricane hero blow out of her life as quickly as he’d returned? And if he does, will she be left all alone?

Publisher: Charmed Chicken Media
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