Finding local writing inspiration seems like a far-off thing a lot of times. The books you read about hot billionares all take place in New York City, LA, or other big locales. Small towns and coastal harbors seem to be the du jour place to set your novel. So for those of us in middle America, if we’re not writing a western a lot of readers find it hard to connect with a small Iowa or Kansas town. In this case, I’m finding writing inspiration right where I live. In fact, my most recent release, Well Tuned, takes place in the Ozarks on a state highway much like the one not far from me.

The Ozarks are a rugged landscape full of self-sufficient individuals who are steeped in lore and mystery. There wouldn’t be much of a stretch of imagination to think that shifters might be lurking in the woods behind my house. The show Bigfoot Hunters likes to come here because of the wealth of Sasquatch sightings. In fact, we have our own squatch, the Blue Man, named for a civil war officer who first saw him.

If you are so inclined as a writer, I think it’s important you find inspiration where you live. Let’s bring the unknown places of this country to readers, share with them the rich lore and folktales that inhabit these places. Most of all, let’s share our love for the unrecognized parts of this country and do it through our fiction.


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