Darkness bathed Sage Kaimoon. Night brushed against his skin, a tangible cloak that comforted him. He leaned against a decrepit warehouse building, pausing for a moment before duty called. Restrained adrenaline surged through his veins. Damp cement pressed against his cheek, and he slowly shifted to rest a slim hip against the building.

Mentally, Sage cursed the drizzle and tried to ignore the feeling of wet, black denim clinging to his legs. His soggy leather jacket silently dripped water while he stared into the black night, wondering if things could get any worse.

Abandoned warehouses surrounded the dock, forming an inhibiting wall of cement and steel. In a pool of watery yellow light from a nearby streetlamp, two men stood conversing, seemingly unaware of Sage’s presence. Heavy mist shrouded them. Their long coats and briefcases set them apart from the dockworkers that crisscrossed the yard during the day.

A droplet of water slid from Sage’s long black hair and trickled down his nose. He remained still, allowing the water to stream over his hawk-like profile. He dared not move, not if he wanted to remain concealed.

Watching the two men made his stomach churn with emotion: disgust at his partner for selling out, hatred at the traitor who didn’t care how many lives he destroyed, and fury at himself for not being able to stop it. It shouldn’t have had to come to this. He shouldn’t have had to lead a sting operation against his partner.

The men stepped directly beneath the street lamp, and Sage focused his attention on the man with blonde hair—his partner…Kyle.

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A dead FBI agent with a mission.

Special Agent Sage Kaimoon has spent the four years since his death tracking French traitor, Lu-Marc. He’s hot on Lu-Marc’s trail, ready to bring him down, when an unexpected encounter with a powerful spirit sets him on a path that will change his…death.

A witch looking for her spirit guide.

Teri Mallory follows her grandmother’s dying wish and works a spell to bring her a spirit guide. Teri expects an elderly spirit with the wisdom of the world to help her find her way. What she gets is a scorchingly sexy ghost bound for vengeance who turns her life and her heart inside out.

Death separates them. Passion unites them, and all too soon, she finds that she needs his ghost touch…

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