Sex, Chocolate, and Alligators


This anthology contains the following two novellas, which were previously released. The books have not been modified from their original format.

Gator Bait

Taking a much needed break on her private Florida beach, the self-proclaimed “Gator Goddess,” Sylvie Skylar, never imagined work and pleasure could combine so perfectly. But when an alligator strolls onto her beach and shifts into a man who gives his name as Remy, well, Sylvie knows she could handle the meanest, strongest gators in the world. This one just happens to be the sexiest gator she’s ever seen. And she’ll be happy to handle him… all night long.

Sex, Chocolate, and Videotape

Tired of waiting for his “Gator Goddess,” Sylvie Skylar, Remy decides to go to Australia to catch her on the set. While his batch of chocolate cookies gets him into her bed, his shifted form gets him into a made-for-TV event. His on-screen escapades outshine his and Sylvie’s sexual ones, and back in the Florida Everglades, Remy’s family is not pleased by Remy’s antics.

Life for Sylvie and Remy won’t be smooth sailing once they get back to Sylvie’s gulf-front property in Florida. She’s got to prove to Remy’s family that she won’t reveal their secret, and that the self-proclaimed Gator Goddess is ready to settle down in the swamp for good.



Excerpt from Sex, Chocolate, and Videotape

Remy stood by the door of Sylvie’s trailer, completely underwhelmed by the life of a movie star. The longer he waited for someone to let him into the trailer — surprisingly, these lackeys believed his story about being a fellow alligator trainer — the more he ached to get her the hell out of here and back to Florida.

Two weeks. She’d promised him two weeks and he should have given them to her. He couldn’t. The need to see her, to hold her, to make love to her, had been too strong and had taken him halfway across the world. Thankfully Australian grocery stores carried many of the same ingredients as American stores, and the chocolate cookies in his bag would go a long way toward soothing her.

A skinny, awkward-looking young man ran up to the trailer door. Ignoring Remy, the kid chatted into a cell phone, talking about where to find organic bon bons and kona coffee for some diva who was throwing a fit on set. The lackey paused long enough to open the trailer door before rushing away.

Remy stepped inside the trailer, wondering if the kid had been talking about his Sylvie. He shook his head and pulled the door closed behind him. His Sylvie wouldn’t act like that. Besides, he’d never once seen her drink coffee. And if she liked bon bons he’d have his grandma make her good chocolate cream mini pies, and Sylvie wouldn’t want for candy ever again. He grinned and set down his bag.

It took only a moment for him to arrange the no-bake cocoa cookies on a plastic tray and strip off his clothes. The trailer held a small sitting area, a bedroom visible through an open door, and a little kitchenette. Certainly not the palatial digs he expected a star like her to have. Naked, he strode into the bedroom, pulled back the sheets and sat there with the plate of cookies balanced in his lap.

His mother’s Gator Shit Cookies. Remy grinned, thinking of all the Sunday afternoons spent in the family kitchen stirring the recipe, then dropping the batter in spoonfuls onto waxed paper to cool. The liquid batter splattered when it dropped from the spoon, looking completely inedible, but tasting oh, so good. Unable to resist, he picked up a cookie and nibbled on it.

The trailer door opened.

Remy held his breath. He listened, the footfalls sounding soft enough to be Sylvie. The door closed. Only one person appeared to have entered. Probably her, but she might have an assistant or something.

A soft sigh filtered through the open door.

Remy relaxed against the bed. Yeah, it was his Sylvie. His cock hardened thinking about her coming back here and finding him naked. He wondered if she’d have to choose which she’d eat first: the cookies or him.

A cell phone rang.

“Damn it. I’m not talking to you.” Sylvie’s tired-sounding voice held a rough edge. She must have silenced the phone because it went dead. “If we do three more takes I can get out of here and go back to Remy.”

He opened his mouth, intending to say something, when she stepped into the doorway. Dirt smudged her face. Her hair had come loose from its tight updo, and her golden bikini showed off her toned and sweaty body. Her nipples poked against the shimmering fabric. Beneath the tray of cookies, his cock leapt to full attention.

Sylvie gasped. A huge smile spread across her face. “Or,” she said with a seductive pout, “Remy could come here.” She reached behind her head to undo the band holding back her hair. A gentle swing sent it tumbling down her back, and she sighed as she massaged her scalp. “Oh, that’s so much better.”

“Have a cookie. Chocolate will make it all better.”


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