The Tobine Chronicles, Episode 5 by Adera Orfanelli
sf serial with erotic elements
Release Date: 3/31/17

In the battle to save the planet she loves, one woman must discover the truth about her past, and if she has the strength necessary to not just save Tobine–but rule.

Episode 5 – Tenni barters for her freedom, but at what cost?  Meanwhile two enemies decide if they can work together and in doing so, if they can bring Tenni back to their sides for good.


Tenni stared at her hand, shocked she could perform such an act of violence. K’Bana glared at her, and she took advantage of his shock to knee him in the groin. His muffled grunt of pain spurned Tenni into awareness. She raced for Kavin, linking her fingers with his.

“Let’s go,” she whispered.

He nodded, and they took off across the compound. Behind them, the slaves cheered. The men, seeing the open gate, broke for freedom, their shouts adding to the clamor.

Chaos reigned. Tenni forced herself to run as fast as she could. She kept up with Kavin’s longer stride, though she sensed he held back to be with her. A glance over her shoulder showed Vilos guards struggling with the escaped men, K’Bana trying to find some order in the chaos.

Tenni tried not to worry about what lay behind her. Instead, she focused on the trees. We’re going to get out of here. Where they went once they were free of the Vilos, she didn’t know, and frankly, she didn’t care. As long as she didn’t have to look at another green-skinned monster, she didn’t care.

Her breath huffed in her lungs; her body still fought to regain some of its former strength since the hubre root overdose. I’m holding him back.

“Go!” She yelled at him.

Kavin shook his head. “No! I won’t leave you.”

Behind them, shouts of the Vilos became clearer.

“Leave me. I can fend for myself.” Tenni insisted. Panting, she fought to keep up with him. Her legs burned. Every muscle felt as if it had been pulled to its limit and still asked for more.

“Never!” Kavin insisted.

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