I bet you haven’t heard anyone put “spreadsheets” and “sanity” in the same sentence before. They’re two words that often aren’t put together. And yet, this writer, uses spreadsheets to bring her sanity.

You’ve probably seen my monthly writing round up posts. Those posts are made possible through spreadsheets. Now most people don’t have the volume of pen names, or volume of monthly writing, that I do. But my Excel “writing tracker” spreadsheet has columns for my various pen names, projects, and totals. I also have used formulas to tell me what my average word count per day is, what my highest and my lowest word count days were, and the days I haven’t written (which are less now than they were).

There’s another spreadsheet that keeps me sane. My blog tracker. A row for each blog. A column for each day. Boom. Open it up, and I know what theme I’m on, what day I’m on and what I need to blog about.

How about my social media tracker. Same thing. A column for each social media “group” of accounts. A row for each day (this one is the opposite of the blogging one) and I know what I’m supposed to promote.

And my writing project planner. Each month I know what I’m writing, for what pen name, and what the word count is, that way I don’t over commit.

I will be the first to admit I’m a geek. A productivity and organization geek. But, these spreadsheets keep me on track, keep me sane, and most importantly, keep me writing.

All of these spreadsheets might seem

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