I haven’t posted my August writing round up yet, but one thing I realized in looking at my spreadsheet was that August was the first month this year that I wrote every day. That’s big for me. It didn’t used to be. Back before my move and before my health got so bad, I wrote every day and was quite prolific (hence the backlist I’m working on re-releasing now). But then I let my writing fall by the wayside as I focused on other things and dealt with other issues. And it’s only been the last eighteen months when I’ve gotten back on that horse and worked toward dreams I’d tossed aside as unobtainable. Then my health fell apart.

It still is, and my September numbers are showing the fatigue that pushing myself so hard in August caused. But I can celebrate–since August 1, I have written every day.

And I realized a few things.

1. When you’re dealing with a lot, whether it’s work, health, family, whatever, simply writing something, even if it’s a measly 221 words (my lowest word count day in August) celebrate the fact that you wrote! Each and every day!

2. Writing is a muscle. It may hurt as you gain strength, but the more you use it, the easier it becomes. Which leads me to…

3. Write a variety of things. That’s what works for me. Stretch yourself. In August I completed an urban fantasy novella which will release 9/25 for my other pen name. I finally finished book 4 in my equestrian women’s lit series for that same pen name. And I completed an awesome novella for Shifters United and completed my latest reverse harem.

One of the things I struggle with is my headspace. It’s compounded by my chronic pain and cPTSD, which I’m pretty open about because I believe the more we remove the stigma from these things, the better we’ll be. Writing every day did so much to help that. By writing and achieving my goals pretty damn well, those voices in my head were sent to the corner to STFU!

So my advice to you as an author who has been there, done that. Keep writing. Even if it’s a paragraph, write every day. I guarantee you that your writing and publishing will be improved.

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