June kicked my ass. I have little more to say except that. Most of it was health-related. I went to a recommended and new-to-me doctor whom after $420 in tests, didn’t even say the obligatory “suck it up” and “deal with it” that other doctors have said. This one just said nothing. Silence. And it hurt. I won’t lie. It pulled me into a spiral I’m still fighting to get out of. But I did write, and I did publish, and I am moving forward albeit so much more slowly than I had hoped or thought possible.

I released one book and was part of an anthology this month. July will see me doing more writing on a pen name that’s not listed on this website (It’s way not erotic, but very near and dear to my heart) and I’ll be working on a December release, so hopefully July will be better. And hey, I thought June would be my worst word count month so far, but I beat May, which means I’m getting back on track. Or at least I’d like to think so.

For June my stats are:
Books released: 2
Books that I’m now behind on releasing:¬† 4 (at least)
Word count: 31773
YTD Word count across all pen names: 242729

What released?

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