My writing resource this week is my playlist. As I put on Il Divo and Amici Forever to listen to while I write my scene set in the Budapest Symphony Orchestra for a new series I’ll be telling you about tomorrow, to me music is life. When I wrote Cowboy Up, I listed to much the same thing, adding in opera as that fit the hero’s personality. I have Metallica and Godsmack for Her Hungers and Norwegian violin folk music for my polar bear shifters.

To me, music is an important part of the writing experience. I’m old fashioned. I use iTunes and lots of CDs I imported from the library. But I’m learning about Amazon Music and what’s available as a Prime member, and I’ve been known to listen to it while I work as well.

Music is important. It can help me get inside a character’s head. It can help me get the feel and the mood of the story. And most importantly, music helps inspire the muse.

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