There’s something about six weeks of really shitty mental health (three cheers for being passively suicidal, oh wait, we’re too depressed to cheer…. /snark) that really kills the writing mojo. I thought I had it together. I really did. And then the great black hole that awaits someone who is processing grief appeared. They don’t tell you about this, about the moment before you hit acceptance and move on, which I thought I was doing very well thank you very much, that just hits you in the gut and the muse and all over.

Add to that some ongoing health issues related to my untreated fibromyalgia and the fact that I should have trusted my gut and backed out of a writing group a long time ago (pro tip: If you feel like you’re being taken advantage of, you are. And if someone tells you to “get over it”, there’s a good chance it’s because they’re uncomfortable with how you feel and has nothing to do with you.). Let’s just say that February has started with blessedly warm temperatures, writing that hit a green check mark on my to do list for being on goal, and I’ve been more productive today than I have been in a long time on all fronts — not just writing.

So I’m hoping February will be better. Have you checked out my Valentine’s Day release yet?

(And if you’re wondering why I’m writing so frank, it’s all part of my goal to be transparent and honest about mental health and chronic health issues to reduce the stigma.)

For January my stats were (across all pen names):
Books released: 2 (One Short erotica and the one below)
Word count: 76696
Monthly goal: 105000-110000
2019 Total: 76696

Technically this book follows Centaur’s Mate, but it’s a standalone. Set in the same world, but with different characters (though the hero mentions he knows Keiran and Saraid). Plus it’s a short Valentine’s Day read. Available at all vendors.

Learn more about it here.

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