Zodiac Shifters: Pisces
Release Date: 3/20/18

Adrian Marlowe is a dolphin-shifter who can shift into a dragon, a new and dangerous development to his shifter abilities. Now he’s gone from wealthy CEO to man on a mission: Figure out how to tame the dragon before it destroys him.

Landing the job as the new project manager in charge of the interior design of Waterscape’s new underwater hotel is Reese Briden’s dream job come true. Until she meets the sexy CEO and escaping the sexual tension that arises between them becomes impossible. Adrian could be the perfect lover. Except for one flaw. Well, maybe it’s not really a flaw, more of an inconvenience, because he is her boss.

Reese is feisty, beautiful and confident, and she might even be Adrian’s mate, except…she doesn’t know about the dragon. Now he has to decide whether to reveal himself or risk losing both her and his corporation. However, he just might lose himself if he lets the dragon consume him.

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I almost wished the woman standing before me was about forty years older, with short, gray hair and was somebody’s beloved grandmother. Not the beautiful creature I’d been thinking about for the past two days. Though, now that I found her, I wasn’t about to simply ignore the chemistry igniting between us.

Yes, I felt it. Had she? The fact that she was in my employment should deter my desires, but it was difficult to ignore her stunning green gaze as she perused the room. I sighed, remembering the vision of her standing on the edge of the boat, her hair dripping, her clothes wet and clinging to each and every voluptuous curve on her body.

Glancing at the tan leather sofa to my right, I pictured her lying there, her blouse opened, her breasts bare, nipples tight and still wet from the attention I was giving them. I towered over her, bracing one arm on the back of the couch, the other on the edge of the seat, while I pressed into her again and again at a punishing pace … I needed to know how she tasted.

The dragon within me shifted with amusement and caused a flutter in my stomach. Though probably keeping my dick in my pants was the better choice here. At least for the time being.

I pivoted on my feet and headed for the door, then paused as the impulsive side of me surfaced. That damn dragon.

“I’ll need you at dinner tonight.”

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